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How Nita's Thread Nest Embroidery Value Club Works...NTN-EVC

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Nitas Thread Nest Embroidery Value Club
New 2014 club starting July 1st. 2014

This club will close on June 30-2015. We will not be taking new members for this club going forward from this year.

Membership designs are still available for sale in the store

If you purchase a membership, you will get all the designs for that year. 2013-14 or 2014-15

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What is Nita's Thread Nest Embroidery Value Club(NTN-EVC)? How does it work? What's the price? And a dozen other questions...

Pay a single yearly fee to start and download more than 300 fabulous embroidery designs immediately (after July 1st, 2014) or at your leisure, thoughout the year. Designs will be available for a full calendar year plan. You can join at any time during the year and receive all that calendar year's downloads. Each month for a full year, you will get (5)-five to (10) ten brand new and very special designs. Members who join during the year will be able to download the years worth of designs, however, the plan will still end on June 30th of the calendar year plan end date. 2014 calendar year plan will be open until June 30 2015.

Each month Nita will upload to the members area brand new and usually exclusive designs.(Sometimes there MAY be cross-stitch designs for machine embroidery). Included with all new designs is a color chart of our suggested selection of threads that you can purchase at your favorite embroidery dealer.

This series will be ongoing forever or until we run out of ideas or members.
Memberships will renew automatically and existing members will always get the lowest rate, you will not be subject to any price increases. You can cancel at anytime and your membership will remain active until the expiration date(June 30th of the calendar year after you join-July 1st to June 30--) and you will have access to your full year of designs. You will get one entire year of designs, ideas, project ideas and newsletters(sign up for newsletter). Each month when the new designs are uploaded, an email will be sent out to the members to let you know that the newest designs are up. Those who join now before July 1st 2014 will receive a discount on membership price. New calendar year clubs will start on the first day of July of each calendar year plan. Those who join now will receive a full year on their membership. Your membership will renew one year from the date you joined, unless you have cancelled. You will keep the discounted membership price as long as you stay active.

All the designs in the Designer Collections that you will receive will come from Nita O'Keefe and occasionally from her Gal Pals who are well known in the embroidery field for their beautiful designs.

These designs deserve the very best in threads and that's why we recommend various top thread lines and all designs in the Embroidery Club will include color chart suggestions from our chosen thread line colors and you can choose your favorite color line and we will offer charts for download that will show you conversion choices.

We will have the conversion charts in PDF format for download for members of Nita's Thread Nest.

You can join at any time during the year- it doesn't matter what month it is in the year. You will download the designs for that calendar year-July 1st to June 30th. When a new year starts, the past year can then be purchased as a complete collection.

This one (1) year membership will renew automatically. You will not need to renew for yourself at the next year, if your information is up to date. You may cancel at any time, if you do not want the membership to renew. You MUST cancel before the due date if you do not want the membership to renew automatically.

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